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Diverse material related to science in one way or another.

Serious stuff


Research reports on investigations done in my free time

Continued fraction representations

A brief summary of continued fraction representations of constants and functions and their use for approximation.

What you never wanted to know about floating point but will be forced to find out

Some too-little known peculiarities of floating-point arithmetic

Genuine random numbers from your sound card

Use noise bits from your sound card as non-deterministic random numbers

Enhance your holiday snaps with histogram equalisation

A state-of-the-art image enhancement method applied to colour images

Renormalisation in a nutshell

A very brief explanation of an important concept in theoretical physics

Scientific programming in Haskell

Wavelet transform in Haskell

The discrete wavelet transform, implemented as a recursive filter bank, is well suited for Haskell

A recursive tensor data type

A recursive data type allows a (mostly) elegant description of tensors

Recreational science and humour

Knotty topics

Mathematical classifications of real-life knots and more

Mathematical jokes

If you understand fewer than half of these, you are no mathematician.

A science dictionary

A tongue-in-cheek dictionary of science-related terms

Odds'n ends

New perspectives on some popular topics, and debunking of some shibboleths

Science puzzles

Test your understanding of physics and mathematics

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