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UNIX and Linux stuff

Indispensable UNIX utilities

A list of useful small command-line programs including but beyond those required by POSIX, and where to get them.


My reimplementations and improvements of utilities invented by others.

Best practice for writing useful software

My priorities for good utility programs, good documentation and good diagnostic messages.

A graphical git cheat sheet

Usage of the git version control system in one diagram

A close look at ALSA

The concept behind the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, its configuration and a troubleshooting tool.

Perl snippets

Helpful small functions for Perl programmers

Recreational UNIX

OS learning curves

The learning curves of different operating systems are not what you might expect

Nethack for dummies

A non-expert's introduction to the Nethack dungeon game.

All software on my site

Software directory

Overview of the software on my website.

Patches page

Some bugfixes and enhancements for projects that are unmaintained or do not accept patch submissions.

Older tutorials

Keeping order with MySQL
What's the deal with UNIX?
Using the shell bash
Some useful commands
The editor emacs