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Diverse material related to science in one way or another.

Serious stuff


Some unpublications about topics which have caught my interest


Non-monopolistic invention disclosures

What you never wanted to know about floating point but will be forced to find out

Some too-little known peculiarities of floating-point arithmetic

A comparison of programming languages and techniques for a combinatorial problem

A benchmark comparison which also considers memoization and parallel implementations

Genuine random numbers from your sound card

Use noise bits from your sound card as non-deterministic random numbers

Enhance your holiday snaps with histogram equalisation

A state-of-the-art image enhancement method applied to colour images

Renormalisation in a nutshell

A very brief explanation of an important concept in theoretical physics

Scientific programming in Haskell

Wavelet transform in Haskell

The discrete wavelet transform, implemented as a recursive filter bank, is well suited for Haskell

A recursive tensor data type

A recursive data type allows a (mostly) elegant description of tensors

Recreational science and humour

Knot physics

Mathematical classifications of real-life knots and more

Mathematical jokes

If you understand fewer than half of these, you are no mathematician.

A science dictionary

A tongue-in-cheek dictionary of science-related terms

Odds'n ends

New perspectives on some popular topics, and debunking of some shibboleths

Science puzzles

Test your understanding of physics and mathematics