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Science books I can recommend

Warning to the unwary: These are no popularised science books for the general public, but textbooks for students and scientists.

Descriptions are given in German for German-language books.

E. Freitag und R. Busam: Funktionentheorie, Springer-Verlag 1993, ISBN 3-540-58650-4
Ein umfassendes Werk über Funktionentheorie einer Veränderlicher, von den Grundlagen über elliptische Funktionen bis zur analytischen Zahlentheorie. Ein zweiter Band behandelt Riemannsche Flächen und die Funktionentheorie mehrerer Veränderlicher.
Gerald Grawert: Quantenmechanik, Aula-Verlag 1969, ISBN 3-923944-40-3
Ein sehr knappes, klares und mathematisches Lehrbuch über Quantenmechanik.

Robert L. Devaney: An introduction to chaotic dynamical systems, Westview Press 2003, ISBN 0-8133-4085-3
One of few mathematics text books on iterated function systems, including proofs of well-known results like Sarkovskii's Theorem.

Sidney Coleman: Aspects of Symmetry, Cambridge University Press 1985, ISBN 0-521-31827-0
A collection of lectures given by the author at a nuclear physics school. Even though not strictly a textbook, one of the best books I know about theoretical high-energy physics.

M. Cline, G. Lomow, M. Girou: C++ FAQs, Edison-Wesley 1998, ISBN 0-201-30983-1
An exceedingly useful C++ book focusing on what one should reasonably do with C++ rather than what one could. Includes many answers to problems arising from counterintuitive quirks of the language. You can read the "lite" version of the book here.