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Selected unpublications about topics which have caught my interest privately. Researching and writing these allows me the free choice of research topic that my day job does not offer.

At the same time, I aim for a higher standard of transparency and reproducibility than is the rule in many parts of academia. My work is available free of charge under a Creative Commons licence. This remains far from the rule for academic work because prestigious journals demand copyright transfer and resist open access, and because scientifically illiterate sponsors judge publications by prestige rather than on their merits. Besides, for work which depends on significant amounts of data, I provide supplementary materials packages including those data and the programs to process them, something often avoided by academics for fear of losing their competitive edge.

The language specialisation of the Google search engine

Google results depend on the language settings of the web browser used. A systematic investigation.

It pays to be fair

Further confirmation of the most remarkable feature of the Prisoner's Dilemma game

An actual "official" paper, put here (legally) for easy access and to undermine Springer's monopoly:

Low-latency histogram equalization for infrared image sequences - a hardware implementation