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Whitewater kayaking

I like whitewater kayaking for the great landscape you get to see only from the river, particularly the sort of landscape people don't choose "landscape" format to photograph.

Needless to say, the average river I run looks much less spectacular. Since waterproof digital cameras are available, people photograph much more on the river, so I even have some photographs of calmer parts of my paddling trips:

Norway 2013

A month in New Zealand 2011/12

My 2009 trip to Corsica

Paddling in Albania 2007

Impressions from my trip to Greece in 2006

Some pictures I took on my 2005 trip to Corsica (in German)

Kayaking is fun...

...and occasionally funny things happen, as here:

It doesn't really matter whether you leave your paddle behind by mistake,
so long as you've got friends who carry things after you.
The new boats! Don't let them get wet!
Some people like sub-yaks.
So when's that French guy, Godot, coming?
Now is Uli diversifying into photography courses?

Besides, ...

...you learn what to do when you're away from
civilisation and your car won't start...
...and you get to meet the most amazing people...
...some of whom drink strange clear liquids from fruit juice bottles.
Some even become devout, if only by accident...

A whitewater dictionary

Here is a mini-dictionary of common terms from river guides in four languages: (Compiled by Volker Schatz, Public Domain / CC0)

English Français Deutsch Italiano
eddy contre Kehrwasser riflusso
wave vague Welle onda
stopper rouleau Walze
hole trou Loch buco
recirculation rappel Rücklauf ritorno
being pinned coincement Verklemmung inceppamento ?
chute chute, toboggan Rutsche scivolo, toboga
drop seuil Stufe salto
waterfall cascade Wasserfall cascata
pool vasque Gumpen bacino
tongue (of water) langue Stromzunge lingua ?
jet gicleé Strahl
rock wall fallaise Felswand roccia
barrage, weir barrage, digue Staudamm, Wehr diga, sbarramento, briglia
bridge pont Brücke ponte
put-in point d'embarquement Einstieg imbarco
take-out point de débarquement Ausstieg sbarco
section tronçon, parcour Abschnitt tratto
downstream en aval flussab giù per il fiume, dopo
upstream an amont flussauf su per il fiume, anteriore
run descente Befahrung
slope pente Gefälle pendenza
water supply alimentation Wasserversorgung
remoteness isolement Ausgesetztheit
navigable navigable fahrbar percorribile, navigabile
impassable infran, infranchissable unfahrbar impraticabile
scout reperer, reconnaître besichtigen ispezionare
secure assurer sichern assicurare
portage portager / portage umtragen / Umtragung trasbordare / trasbordo
boof sauter boofen booffare
gauge échelle Pegel idrometro
high / low water level niveau haut / bas hoher / niedriger Wasserstand livello alto / basso
discharge débit Durchfluss, Wasserführung portata
flood, spate crue Hochwasser acqua alta
kayak, boat kayak, bateau Kajak, Boot caiacco
paddle pagaïe Paddel pagaia

River guides and water levels

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