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Hardware and gadgets

Chip design


A utility for hardware description language documentation

A Linux driver for the GODIL USB FPGA board

A Linux kernel module for an affordable FPGA board with USB-serial interface

The Camera Link camera interface

A brief technical description with some remarks on an FPGA grabber implementation

Binary data processing

hexedit with advanced search

Advanced search features for a widely used hexadecimal editor — indispensable for analysing binary data


A small Perl script which allows editing binary files' hexdumps in an automated way


The Ben Nanonote

An open-source hardware + software sub-notebook

A hacker's guide to the iRex Iliad

A system description of the Linux-based iRex Iliad book reader

Battery life of the LG X110 netbook

Several measurements of battery lifetimes under different conditions

A Linux-based hi-fi audio player

A few brief notes on an audio player I built for my stereo